Valentine’s Day at Raffles

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
11th February 2014

Raffles are not treating you to just one Valentine’s Day party, but two – meaning that you have double the chances of meeting that certain someone this year…. Of course if you already have a partner then it is two days to party together or enjoy a night out with your friends!

Starting things off on Thursday 13th, 1920’s Gangland meets Chelsea with their ‘rose massacre’ – think flapper dancers and characters such as Tony, Lil Joe and Paulie taking care of thing, don’t worry there will be no bloodshed here! And it might not have been part of the 1920s but Tinder will also be present as Raffles are partnering with them for the evening! Let’s just hope you don’t bump into anyone you swiped left or stopped speaking to… that could just be awkward, quick start swiping right!

If you don’t find anyone the night before then fear not there is as second chance on Valentine’s Day with the kitsch Mr and Miss Right Now Party.  Raffles are calling all Chelsea singletons to come down dance the night away and enjoy some amorous entertainment throughout the evening. Who knows Cupid’s arrow might just strike you – he has been known to be notoriously accurate, especially after a cocktail or three. So singletons let’s not avoid Valentine’s Day let’s head over to Raffles

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