Secret Dinner: PRiMAVERA

By Emily Gray |
26th March 2014

So if we told you to buy tickets for dinner, but we couldn’t tell you what was on the menu or where it was, other than there were 6 courses and 6 wines, would you buy them? Yes you would, and why? Because it comes courtesy of Culinary Mischief by il Tocco Food; set up by Italian chef Gabriele Bertaccini, they have been delighting diners in New York, LA, Phoenix and Italy. Then  last October the secret dinners first came to London and received rave reviews from some of London’s finest critics, and you know they are a tough crowd to please.

On the 3rd and 4th April PRiMAVERA is coming to London,  thirty guests will be served 6 courses including 6 wines which will focus on Easter and spring ingredients in Italy, so think asparagus, Italian beans, lamb and leafy greens, although the exact menu will only be revealed on the night. In fact you will only find out where it is two days before the event takes place – so who knows where it could be!

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