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The Handbook

This May will see the forces of Edible Cinema and Bombay Sapphire combine to produce one truly unique screening of Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet. 

Working on the principle of enhancing the sights and sounds of the film by turning it into an edible adventure, guests will be treated to small mouthfuls throughout to really experience the action. On entering they will be split into Montagu’s or Capulets with a mellow rivalry dictated by two different cocktails spun with Bombay Sapphire and fresh  ingredients. Both drinks have an overriding citrus heart which highlights that despite their differences underneath it all, they are the same – aaw we're going to get all emotional. 


They want to keep the menu a surprise, but what we do know is that as your eyes clap on Romeo and Juliet’s first kiss expect a tongue sandwich to materialise in front of you,  and during the final scene  a tiny vial of ‘poison’ will take its place. 


The event will mark a first for Edible Cinema as they move out of their own Soho House Cinema and into the impressive BAFTA 195 Picadilly. 


The concept will use taste, aroma and texture to completely transform an ordinary viewing of the classic film – calling foodies and film buffs alike this is definitely one not to miss. 


Romeo and Juliet will screen on Saturday 3rd May 2014 at 3pm and 7pm. Tickets are available on the website and are priced at £37 per person with seats available on a first come first serve basis.