Ruby Jean’s Diner Pop-Ups

By Emily Gray |
7th April 2014

It can’t be denied that Londoners can’t get enough of American food – we want those sticky bbq ribs, the burgers that we almost can’t get our hands round, the salted caramel tarts and the sugar laden doughnuts – if it’s the sort of food that is simple but tastes then we are on to it!

The latest dose of American cuisine comes from a series of pop- ups from Ruby Jean’s Diner starting this month. With a menu based around snacking and sharing, they will be serving up sandwiches,  fried chicken, 16 different burgers – yes that’s right we are equally excited by the fact that they have 16, 16!), nachos, retro American desserts and draft beers.

Inhabitants of Soho get ready to welcome the pop-up to The Royal George on the 9th April,  Kilburn, you’re up next as it comes to The Earl Derby on the 10th,  Camden gets its dose on the 14th at The Lyttleton Arms, The Railway in Blackheath welcomes the pop –up on the 15th and finally The Sindercombe Social in Shepherds Bush on the 18th April. For those who don’t know The Sindercombe Social is a new super venue that will be serving food up day and night!

With the pop-ups running for 3 months there is no excuse to not go and indulge in some all American goodness – in fact we challenge you to try all 16 burgers! 


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