As a teenager I spent many a weekend trawling the streets of Camden, donned in the latest studded belt ensemble but somehow in my intense search for for the next piece of Nightmare Before Christmas paraphernalia to add to my collection, I missed out on Gilgamesh. Luckily, as an adult, I’ve had the fortune of visiting the Pan-Asian restaurant, in a much less sombre outfit I may add.

The reason for my overdue visit is the ‘Mock Duck’ menu which was created in honour of National Vegetarian Week 2014. The menu consists of Duck Spring Rolls, Duck and Watermelon Salad and Duck Pancakes served with Hoisin Sauce, all suitable for vegetarians.

The Duck Salad is not much of a salad in the typical context but what it lacks in predictability it makes up for in flavour, size and aesthetics. Large cubes of fresh, sweet watermelon are topped with battered mock duck and cashews and then drizzled in a light hoisin sauce (mint and shredded onions have been thrown in for the salad effect). This is a truly special dish, where simple ingredients come together to make a delicious meal, plus it can be eaten guilt free as it’s a salad right?

The Duck Pancakes are served on a large slate in the typical layout of its meat counterpart; sliced mock duck on one side with the pancakes in a wicker basket and mini dishes of plum and sweet chilli sauce on the other side. The pancakes are more like little slices of steamed bread rather than the crepe like pancakes normally served. Their spongy texture doesn’t interfere with making little wraps of duck, cucumber and sauce, which is always a source of fun.

The whole experience at Gilgamesh was a pleasure from settling down in the comfy sofa chairs, sipping delicious rose and lychee cocktails to enjoying the Babylonian decor and sampling the variety of Mock Duck dishes available.

The Mock Duck menu is available now on request .

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