Simply Fish – it’s in the name: simple.

From the minimal décor of block wooden benches and tables to the concept of the menu – choose the fish, the way you cook it, the sauce and sides. Simply Fish is all about keeping things stripped back and minimal.

When we arrived at the Camden branch – the other being in Shoreditch- we were the only ones there, which instantly panicked me, some people get anxiety about small spaces, crowds, spiders, well mine is empty restaurants, I  clam up, don’t know what to say, where to look. After a while though the restaurant slowly filled up, but we did notice three tables come in and look at the menu and then leave – perhaps fish isn’t their thing.

We began with a few small dishes, choose the salt squid to start, it’s the most popular starter and rightly so, chilli prawns had just the right amount of spice and a steaming bowl of Cornish mussels in coconut sauce rounded things off.  

Their menu which lets you choose the fish, the way it is cooked, the sauce and the accompaniments is a simple process. Plus with 8 fish, 6 cooking methods, 8 sauces and 11 sides you can keep going back as that is a lot of possible combinations (I tried to calculate it but soon gave up, just take it from me it’s a lot).  I was tempted to choose a random combination (battered hake?) but with the waiter’s recommendation went for the typical pan-fried salmon with hollandaise salmon and sweet potatoes, the fish was full of flavour and they certainly didn’t skimp on portion size, it was perfectly good but I wasn’t enamoured, I didn’t want to rush outside and tell everyone that they just had to try it.

What did bowl us over though were the puddings a deconstructed passion fruit cheesecake and the most decadent chocolate fondant, just thinking about it now makes me a little too happy – these were the dishes that would keep me going back to Simply Fish.

Simply Fish isn’t trying to be the fancy London fine dining restaurant as the name and location suggests; you might not take the in-laws,  but would you take a bunch of friends and you would see how many combinations you could create.

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