We all know that sharing is caring and with this (possibly) in mind, Fish Market restaurant have launched a new sharing platter menu, The Fish Shack which is available at the weekends.

Despite the rain that kept coming through in bursts we chose to sat outside; with plants winding around the railings hiding the bustle of Bishopsgate, large umbrellas forming a canopy across the whole terrace and heaters we were kept nice and snug, but if you’re able to go in the evening when it’s dry then the terrace is lovely with twinkling lights and flickering candles.

The menu is simple – lobsters, crab, steamed fish all served with fries, salad and slaw; whilst starters include goujons, prawns and squid and for an extra £20 you can have unlimited Chandon. So far so good, but what did strike us as odd though was that the menu (and so the prices too) was designed for groups of 3, but how often do you go out for lunch as a group of 3?  It’s too little for a group of four, or as we found out, a pretty hefty meal for a couple – as we said to the waiter, had we known it would have been elasticated waistbands all round.

The table next to us ordered the mixed platter – a mound of goujons, squids and prawns and we were a little nervous about what might be in store for us; but our plate of 12 prawns and rockets was simple and full of flavour – we polished them off easily, not too much for two at all and with our eyes too big for our stomach we thought the main courses would be a breeze, to which our charming waiter laughed at. A lot.

We decided to order the lobster, and what arrived was monumental, the waiter’s smile said it all – no way were we going to get through this – three lobsters smothered in garlic butter a huge bowl of fries a delicious celeriac slaw and a green salad.  It was hands on, with a hammer to smash open the lobster shell (we definitely need to work on our skills), we then scooped out the creamy flesh, got a good handful of crispy fries, a dollop of slaw – oh so good.

We sipped Rossinis, tucked into the lobster and before we knew it we had been chatting, eating and drinking for three hours. Yes we didn’t quite make it to pudding, but had we managed it, it would have been the Chocolate Eton Mess. If Fish Market want to get people in to make the most of a long lazy afternoon, to get friends talking over food and not spending their weekends rushing around then they have achieved it. Next time, we’ll make sure we don’t eat for a day or so and take on the lobster and win.