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The Handbook

It's hard to imagine this city without its abundance of sushi hot spots, but it has only been twenty years since the first kaiten (conveyor belt) restaurant opened it's doors in July of the early 90s. Marking two decades of success, Moshi Moshi has scheduled staggered celebrations over the next three weeks starting on Monday 28 July with 1994 prices at the sushi counter starting from 90p ranging to £2.50.

Other offerings include a haiku writing contest on Thursday 31st of July with a chance to win a dinner for two, hidden golden tickets on conveyor belt dishes which will bring prizes to several winners on Friday the 1st of August and servings of the most popular twenty dishes from the past twenty years offered on Thursday 7th August. 

“We’ve seen a big change in our customers’ palates since we first opened in 1994,” says Caroline Bennett, owner of Moshi Moshi. After spending time as a student in Tokyo, Bennett was excited to bring traditional Japanese food to the UK. 

“It will be fascinating to see what will be on our menus in the next decade or two. In Japan there are menus revolving completely around artisanal tofus, and a wider variety of seaweed is served. We’re also looking at jelly fish. Whatever is contemporary and best in Japan, we will be serving in London.”

Moshi Moshi is located above Platform 1 at Liverpool Street Station.