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The world’s first mobile liquid nitrogen ice cream shop has finally hit our sweet-toothed shores bringing with it flash-frozen ice cream. Making science look fun and taste delicious, the modern shipping container turned pop-up laboratory, will use the cryogenic freezing process to create on-demand ice creams.

The modified US shipping container, located in the courtyard of Somerset House, will open up at the front to reveal a serving hatch lined with three nitro mixers, which emit a theatrical smoky vapour while your ice cream is made. A much more enjoyable experience than any chemistry class we ever had in school and you get ice cream!

Fresh ingredients are used to create a weekly changing menu of two options, think Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon and Basil, and Chocolate Coconut to whet your appetite. This modern technique is also an environmentally friendlier alternative than heavy duty freezers that normally store ice cream. So not only are you saving the planet by eating ice cream, you’re also basically a scientist with a great understanding of cryogenic freezing…and eating.

The iconic courtyard of Somerset House will be home to the ice cream pop up until 30th August 2014.

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