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Emily Gray by | Posted on 14th August 2014

Earlier in the year burger legends Patty & Bun took on the commercial giant McDonalds by opening up opposite the chain’s busiest UK branch. Now it’s the a battle on Paddington Street as new Greek restaurant Opso has opened opposite The Real Greek.

Well of course we can’t take sides without having tried both and since we had not yet tried Opso we tootled off to Marylebone to see the fight they were putting up. The concept of Opso is essentially sharing platters or Greek tapas if you will, they call this ‘Social Food’ and it is, until someone hogs all the food or you fight after the last morsel, then it’s not so social.

The restaurant had a simple kitchen/larder-eqsue feel about it, a frame stands over a high table and is decorated with spice jars and pots and whilst vines grow up around it. At one end the wall is covered in white tiles decorated with a painting of blue plates of food, reminiscent of a kitchen whilst at the other stands a bar. Upstairs you’ll find a communal table and several tables for two, whilst downstairs are private booths and larger tables the only.downside was the soundtrack that sounded far too much like Eurovision.

We started with Lemon Tree Mojitos which in this weather are a must, they were sweet without being sickly and deliciously refreshing, we did have to wait rather a while for them, which was a little concerning since they had shut the downstairs restaurant in order to not be too busy, but I suppose they would have more waiters if it was a full house.

Things sped up however when we started to order our food. We started with Metsovone, a fried, smoked cheese that had a wonderful flavour and worked well with the tart rhubarb jam, but had a rather rubbery texture. White fish burgers in black squid ink buns certainly looked impressive yet they didn’t have much flavour, a good dollop of the squid ink mayonnaise was needed to give them a boost.

Cod tempura served with skordalia spread, roast beetroots and shaved walnut was delicious as was the wild boar sausage. The lamb shank served with orzo was miles above the rest, we were told it was good but this was the best lamb I had had in a long time, dare I even say ever? You only had to wave your fork at it for it to fall of the bone, into the sweet tomato marmalade, a wonderful dish.

We rounded things off with a bowl of crumbled walnut cake soaked in honey and served with clotted cream and cherry ‘spoon sweets’ don’t ask me what spoon sweets are, we did try and ask but the explanation wasn’t too clear, as far as we could see it was just chopped cherries.

Opso is a charming local restaurant, I would go back for the lamb shank alone…now to see which restaurant comes out as champion. 


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