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Brunch at Q Grill

Last weekend we might have over indulged in the wine, just by a glass or two and the next morning we were in need of brunch… desperately.  This wasn’t time for green juices or spirulina, this was time for fried eggs, bacon and toast.

So we headed off to Camden (all the way from south London- dedication to the cause) to Q Grill having heard that it has recently launched its brunch menu. For those who haven’t been Q Grill has that New York apartment feel:  exposed brick walls, low hanging lights, leather booths and high bar chairs and chalk boards displaying the menu.

The menu is kept fairly simple with all the regulars – scrambled egg, salmon, eggs royale and a fry up but not just any sort, it was a Josper fry up. We started with a pineapple, banana and strawberry smoothie, which tasted great, but I do wish paper straws weren’t used, yes the red and white stripes look nostalgic especially in a picture on Instagram but in reality they always just end soggy and no one wants to drinking bits of paper, our lattes were spot on though.

Intrigued by the name I chose the Josper fry up – for £7.95 it couldn’t be beaten: bbq beans, a fried egg, toast, sausage, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes and the crowning glory ribs- perfectly spiced, beautifully tender ribs – just as you would expect from grill.

We also went for the eggs royale, which in comparison to the fry up just looked a little sad. Two little muffins made to look even more lonely by the large white plate that they sat on and a small dollop of hollandaise sauce. It did taste delicious but my friend had finished it before I had so much as tackled my ribs, and at £11.50 it was a little measly for the price – especially when you can pay a £1 more and have unlimited continental breakfast and cereal.

The peanut butter brownie to finish was dense if a little dry but the peanut butter was wonderfully rich and sugary, chocolate and peanut butter a winning combination, and the ice cream cut through the richness perfectly.

Feeling renewed we headed off to take on Oxford street – which as any Londoner knows needs preparation, determination and energy to fight off the teeming hordes. Brunch at Q Grill is definitely worth checking out, but as it’s a grill choose the fry up because they know what they’re doing when it comes to meat.