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The Handbook

Pan-Indian restaurant Carom has recently undergone a refurbishment taking it out of the traditional Indian style décor, so commonly adopted by Indian restaurants, and bringing it bang into the 21st century. The large open plan venue now boasts the look of a trendy lounge and bar where guests can enjoy the extensive bar menu including the amazing Lychee and Hibiscus cocktail with vodka, hibiscus and peach liquer, lychee puree and soda water, before heading over to the main restaurant.

Executive head chef Vishnu Natarajan has updated the classic Carom menu, adding a selection of new plates focused on sharing while socialising. One of these is the Pakora Chaat, a mixture of crunchy spinach fritters, yoghurt and chutney – a nice tasting dish, although not for the faint-jawed as the emphasis here is on the ‘crunch’.

The mains menu features traditional curries like biryanis as well as a grilled section featuring dishes like Lamb Sheek Kebab. The best curry of the night goes to the Pumpkin Paneer Haveli; Indian cottage cheese served in a pumpkin and tomato sauce with spices.

If the fantastic drinks menu and industrial-inspired interior hadn’t already convinced you that this wasn’t your typical Indian, then the puddings definitely will. Forget the diet, ignore the calories, leave your Weight Watchers leaflet at the door and prepare for indulgence. The Sticky Toffee Pudding is enough to have your nan glowing with pride as it was oozing with delicious caramel sauce and accompanied with cinnamon ice cream that could have been happily devoured on its own. The Loaded Twin-Barrels is some kind of heavenly dish, sesame snap rolls create a magnificent sugary barrier encasing the most luscious Alphonso crème filling. Great fun was had smashing the delicate case to get to the divine insides, it is served with a sharp lime sorbet and chilli mango sauce.

Carom has moved with the times to create a fantastic mix of contemporary and classic; the venue is filled with luxurious features and atmospheric lighting while the food doesn’t falter on taste, this is definitely not one to miss.