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The Handbook

Magic Mushrooms at Kew

By | 16th September 2014

The Intoxication Season at the Royal Botanical Gardens will explore the secret history behind Mind-Altering Plants and Fungi. From the opium poppy to more socially acceptable stimulants like coffee and tobacco, intrepid visitors will discover that no plant is inherently a drug, a medicine, or a poison.


You can also check out tobacco plants and opium poppies at the Princess of Wales Conservatory and discover innocuous looking specimens which can kill or cure depending on their chemical usage and dosage while over in the Secluded Glasshouse, architectural food smiths, Bompas & Parr will run a Plant Connoisseurs’ Club. Part-workshop, part-talk, part-interactive-experience, it’s strictly for over 18s although we’re assured it is actually legal!


Otherwise, pull up a stool at Kew’s Botanical Beverages Bar and learn about plants’ roles in crafting some of the nation’s most loved alcoholic concoctions, from hops to juniper. AKA whiling away the afternoon drinking beer and gin and tonics.


From 20th September until 12th October