Yauatcha on Broadwick Street is celebrating its 10th birthday with a month of secret dishes on the menu focused around the four iconic offerings that it is known for: the Chinese kitchen, teahouse, patisserie, wine and cocktails.

As we can’t resist dim sum or a reason to party, The Handbook went over to celebrate last week, when the secret dish was a dim sum platter. We headed downstairs to the main area of the restaurant and for a Tuesday night it was packed, the atmosphere was upbeat, with loud music, dark corners, bright leather chairs, constant chattering from the other diners who all looked up each time to see who else was sauntering in to dine (it’s that sort of place) whilst a tank of exotic fish running the length of the bar commanded all attention.   

Being slightly overwhelmed by the extensive menu we told the waiter to bring over whatever the chef felt liked cooking that night, which we then realised was potentially a risky move;  but with our life, well supper in their hands we sat back with a Hakka, the Hakkasan signature cocktail, a muddle of vodka, Akashi-Tai sake, lychee, coconut and passion fruit and waited.

They played it relatively safe starting us off with their best-selling dish prawn and bean curd cheung fu, a soft rice noodle roll with a crispy centre and the secret platter of dim sum; wild fungus and pomegranate, a spicy lamb and fig dumpling and our favourite, a creamy lychee scallop puff, we only wished there was more than one of each!  

This was followed by crispy aromatic duck and what they got right (along with it not being dry) was the amount of pancakes, because most places never give you enough – you’re normally presented with quarter of a duck and 2 sheets that look like they might disintegrate if you so much as look at them but not at Yauatcha it was like our basket was never ending.

Next up was ribs and ribs seem to be their thing, (Kim Kardashian was dining on them Hakkasan, their sister restaurant the same night), they were big hunks of tender meat glazed with sticky syrup.   They were accompanied by a spicy Singapore stir fry vermicelli which was bursting with prawns and squid.

We finished with coconut and blueberry macarons which were beautifully light with a  creamy filling, they are also currently offering ten new macarons for £10 throughout the month. This week it is the turn of the tea house with Senior Bar Manager Eder Neto, I could tell you what they are offering but I think it would be a much better idea if you just took a trip there yourself to find out.  


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