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A Bear Called Paddington Exhibition

Throwback Thursday has taken on an entirely new twist with the opening of A Bear Called Paddington exhibition at The London Museum this year. Charting the story of the cherished children’s character from his humble beginnings as a bear who loved to munch on marmalade sandwiches to his big screen debut as a marmite loving celebrity, this fun exhibition is sure to alight childhood memories and a bout of the good kind of nostalgia.

For those of you who missed out on your dose of Paddington growing up, the origins of this well- loved story traces back to Christmas Eve in 1956, when creator Michael Bond bought his wife a small toy bear from a London department store and named him after the nearest railway station to where they lived. Romantic, no? The exhibition will feature Instagram-worthy signed first editions of ‘A Bear Named Paddington’, the original 3D Paddington puppets from the 1970s TV animation and cheeky first-time view of Paddington’s iconic duffel coat, hat and suitcase from the upcoming film.

Speaking of the Paddington film which is released on the 28th November, the London Museum will also be home to a life-sized Paddington statue designed by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is amongst fifty celebrities and artists, who has designed statues of the beloved bear which will be placed all around London as part of the Paddington Trail, enabling you to follow the furry footsteps of this Peruvian bear from the page to the silver screen.  

The exhibition opens of the 14th November and will be running until 4th January.