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The Handbook

Easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for, Foxcroft & Ginger’s latest opening in East London is nestled within a row of shops on Mile End Road and while from the outside it looks somewhat non-descript, within it’s a cavernous coffee shop that serves up unusual combinations of decadent brunch and lunchtime options. It has a cool, laid-back atmosphere and given that it was busy even when we were there at 11am on a Tuesday, it’s already proved its popularity.

Upon setting foot inside you quickly realise that it caters perfectly to the edgy East End types, working the shabby-chic look to a tee and successfully demonstrating the theory that less is more. And with juice served in mini milk bottles and water in oversized ones – I was already won over. We ordered the French toast with ham, cheese and honey mustard, with a side of bacon as well as the herb-roasted mushrooms, poached eggs and truffle and hollandaise sauce on sourdough, with a side of sausages (both strong advocates of the idea that brunch, in incorporating two meals should therefore be twice as either of the two).

The French toast was not quite what I had envisaged, the honey mustard sauce being more honey than mustard rather than the other way round and the cheese wasn’t particularly to my taste. But it was a generous portion and quite enjoyable all the same. The herb-roasted mushrooms on sourdough were creamy and felt hugely indulgent but then who doesn’t like to be indulged? We had a gooey chocolate brownie to finish, which was lovely and rich and had we not been so full, we would have loved to try some of their other sweets and pastries, which were all looked delicious.

The ideal spot to wile away the hours, it’s light and airy with lots of table space so you could even get some work done while you enjoy some of their healthy eating options; their sweet pea hummus and golden fried polenta chips sound particularly intriguing.

Foxcroft & Ginger is open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 9am-10pm on Saturday and 9am-7pm on Sunday.