Get Creative at Bite Me Pizza

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Florence Christie by | Posted on 1st October 2014
Get Creative at Bite Me Pizza

Have you ever tried to make your own pizza? We mean really make it – shop bought dough is not allowed. If so, you know what appears to be a fairly easy task can quickly become rather challenging and end in tears. Cue misshapen bases, under-proved dough and a very unhappy chef. For this reason, we were delighted to discover Bite Me Pizzas; a shabby chic pizzeria based in Notting Hill, where customers can choose from over thirty toppings in which to create a custom-made pizza.

Founded by twenty-two year old Christopher Mannesis, the ethos of the restaurant is simple: fabulous, fresh pizza with a key emphasis on sustainability and affordability. This ethos is clear throughout the eatery with biodegradable cutlery made from corn starch and locally sourced ingredients to help reduce their eco-footprint. The pizza dough is freshly prepared each day and mixed with Khorasan wheat, known to be more easily digested by those that suffer from gluten allergies. To further enhance that homemade feeling, order your pizza to takeaway and share your creation with friends- we promise not to tell them you haven’t made it completely yourself.

Lacking inspiration? Bite Me has done the hard work for you, with a menu that consists of old-time classics and signature dishes which will definitely help get those creative juices flowing. They even have a list of pizza inspired desserts with the Dessert Pizza abound with Nutella and dusted with icing sugar particularly catching our eye.

Bite Me is open daily from 12pm.

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