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Immersive Theatre: A Trail of History

Freshly graduated from university, I cannot help but lovingly look back on the pub crawls that so often marked the student calendar. Although these alcohol fuelled evenings were probably not the most cultural affairs, they were always good fun and have surprisingly created and onslaught of mostly happy memories. Despite this, it is probably time to broaden horizons…even if this does only mean upgrading a round of pub golf to a pub tour tippled in history.

For this exact reason, here at The Handbook we were delighted to hear about the Toast of History Pub Trail that will be taking place on the 4th and 12th November across Holborn. The event is being held to celebrate the cultural heritage of Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles- areas famous for their great thinkers and home to more pubs square foot than anywhere else in London. This is not your usual pub tour experience with each pub taking a step back in time so that visitors can spend an evening swigging from tankards and listening to tales of olde, in the drinking dens of famous historical figures from Oliver Cromwell to Dick Turpin.

The immersive theatre experience will add some excitement to history, moving from The Old Red Lion pub on High Holborn Road which housed the dead body of Oliver Cromwell to The Enterprise on Red Lion Street which was a favourite haunt of Noel Coward and the Bloomsbury set in the 1930s.

Tickets are free of charge and can be found here.