As anyone who has ever travelled knows, when trying to really experience a new place you need to immerse yourself as a local, getting off the beaten track which includes avoiding tourist areas and expensive restaurants in lieu of street vendors. Even in London the tide has turned on fine dining and now people are happy to spend hours queuing for street food. Hot on this trend, Jenius Social is teaching guests how to whip up street food with the next class stopping off in mighty Mexico.

If opening a bag of Doritos is the extent of your Mexican cooking skills, it’s time to get yourself to a class where you will be taught how to make Mexico’s most popular street food bites like Chicken Fajitas, Ceviche Mixto and even make hand-pressed, fresh corn tortillas from scratch. You will also be taught kitchen necessities like Knife Skills and more importantly, how to cook with Tequila.

We are giving away tickets to the Mexican Street Food cooking class, to enter click here!

The cooking class takes place 14thNovember; tickets cost £50 per person and are available on the website.