Want to party but don’t want the 4am bedtime? Want to go out but don’t want to have to navigate the terror that is the night bus? Then fear not as you can always rely on day parties; combining brunch with cocktails and inevitably Champagne, DJs and dancing, The Handbook has rounded up some of the best including classic karaoke at Bunga Bunga and of course, the now classic Bluebird Brunch. The best thing? In bed by 8pm!

Bluebird Brunch

Chelsea, we have some good news – Sundays are the new Saturdays thanks to the Bluebird’s brunch.  The first Sunday of every month will see the first floor restaurant and bar transform into an all day party come brunch! With a new menu including SW3 Eggs (Chelsea chickens perhaps?) with asparagus, The Bluebird’s Big Dog with smoked beef, bacon, cheese, white onion and mustard and The BALT – bit like a BLT but infinitely better- change the lettuce for lobster and throw in some avocado too!  With breakfast- themed cocktails such as marmalade G&Ts and DJs playing throughout the afternoon, the only downside is that Monday is still unfortunately Monday… First Sunday of every month www.bluebird-restaurant.co.uk

Bunga Bunga

Every Saturday the Battersea favourite hosts its classic brunch.  Once you’re through the door, you instantly forget the outside world as you are submerged in the surreal mayhem that is Bunga Bunga, just with added unlimited Prosecco and their infamous pizza. Dance the afternoon away or prop yourself up at the bar, take part in karaoke with the resident drag queen and leave in a cocktail- fuelled haze wishing everyday was Bunga Bunga brunch day. Every Saturday www.bungabunga-london.com

Encounter by Erupted Events

If you’re looking for debauchery with style and a crowd with a certain je ne sais quoi then look no further than Encounter. Brought to you by Erupted Events, this is their second event and they are taking over The Royal Horticultural Halls to bring you a day time party like no other, as east meets west in the centre of the capital. From the early hours of the afternoon until midnight revel in a hedonistic world of fashion, champagne, DJ sets from the likes of Crosstown Rebels, collaborative performances and art exhibitions… it’s lunch with a twist.  10th Maywww.eruptedevents.com


La Plage Dayclub by  Bacanal

With a  distinctively gold and white nautical theme,  palm trees, beautiful girls and guys dressed as sailors, La Plage Dayclub, brought to you by Bacanal,  is  reminiscent of St Bart’s and St Tropez and can best be described as a whirlwind.  Hosted on the roof top conservatory at Millennium Gloucester Hotel, the afternoon starts with a fairly civilised brunch with plenty of champagne and delicious food,  before the tables are removed and the debauchery begins leading to an afternoon of DJs, cabaret, Mo?t & Chandon, Belvedere vodka, dancing and mischief. Every Saturday throughout May www.bacanal.com

Love Brunch

What started out as a group of friends just having brunch together has now grown into the phenomenon that is Love Brunch. Back once more to the Roof Gardens on High Street Kensington, Love Brunch is all about pure, unadulterated fun. It’s sophisticated but laid –back, you want to dress up but you also want to be wearing one of their infamous trucker hats, you want to sip Champagne Perrier – Jou?t but you also want to gorge yourself on their burgers! With the DJs playing, the performers performing, the sun –shining and the bustle of London hidden beneath the beautiful gardens you can easily think you are somewhere far more exotic.Happening throughout the summer www.welovebrunch.com