An Arty Sleepover

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Florence Christie by | Posted on 14th November 2014
An Arty Sleepover

If you are looking for an art exhibition with a difference, then make sure you head to Gallery Different on 25th November for the Ibis Sleep Exhibition; an artistic slumber party celebrating our favourite past time – sleep.

Now we know that art exhibitions can sometimes bring on snoring, but we promise there won’t be any snoozing going on at this event. Well…we can promise you won’t be snoozing. However, we can’t say the same for the artists themselves, who will each spend a night resting their creative heads on the ibis Sweet Bed at The Gallery Different, using their night’s sleep as inspiration for an artistic masterpiece. Not only will the artists be creating their own dream-inspired pieces, but they are also part of a large-scale interactive work with the public able to witness their sleeping habits for themselves. Let’s hope they remember to pack pyjamas!

Someone famous somewhere, once said that they were most creative just as they were about to fall asleep. What this exhibition hopes to prove is that sleep is creativity, replicating the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa’s sentiment that one “is a genius when they are dreaming.”

The Sleep Art Exhibition will be running from 25th November- 30th November.

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