B.Y.O.C Camden

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
11th November 2014

On the dark, dark street (that’s Camden High Street), there was a dark, dark door, behind the dark, dark door there was a dark, dark staircase and down the dark, dark staircase there was B.Y.O.C  Camden. 

Ok so hopefully some of you know that story, but the gist of it is, is that the new B.Y.O.C (bring your own cocktail) is hidden away behind a non assuming door on Camden High Street – blink and you’ll miss it, the way a speak easy should be.

Descend the stairs into what seems alike a cross between a Victorian sitting room (it’s all dark velvety greens and deep wood)  and a casino, with guests sitting at high chairs around old gaming tables. Unlike other bars there, is no drinks menu, there isn’t even any alcohol. As the name suggests you bring your own tipple and the bar guys set about making you cocktails with what you’ve given them. When we headed down it was all centred around gin and the cocktails were brilliantly floral, fragrant and with combinations like pineapple and cucumber.  A gin Bloody Mary was superb as was an orange and raspberry concoction.

The only downside is that we were told you get a two hour sitting, so get around 4 drinks each, so although it seems cheaper since you bring your own bottle, once you’ve paid the door fee of £25 and brought your own bottle, it isn’t. But hey this is about cocktails, not money and when it comes to cocktails they’re winning. 


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