The stars might be a millions miles away (or 43 trillion kilometres specifically) but on Monday they were brought down to the Guildhall for The Chopin Society’s charity ball in memory of their patron, Sir Bernard Lovell. Lovell is famous for, amongst other things, designing the Jodrell Bank Observatory which is an iconic piece within the world of astronomy.

The event featured a spectacular visual performance from projection mapping artist, Rupert Newman, and pyromusical productions expert, Foyle Fireworks. The partnership came around as The City’s no fireworks rule meant that Foyle Fireworks had to get creative for the visuals so Newman was brought in to create the images which included all aspects of astronomy, space and the galaxy. The music, chosen by Foyle, was none other than ‘The Planets’ by Holst – what else to complete the astronomy experience?

Foyle Fireworks’ expertise usually lies in creating sound and visual experiences through music and fireworks but the main focus on this event, which was attended by the Polish Royal Family no less, was the light show which was being created outside with Rupert Newman’s video projection designs. The soundtrack was matched for the show in the same way typically done for a pyromusical display.

Prestigious guests like Princess Alexandra, Duke of Kent and Earl of St Andrews also attended the charity event which included an auction of fabulous prizes like a Salvador Dali etching and Yacht viewing the Grand Prix in Monaco – if anyone needs a guest, I’m free.

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*Photography courtesy of Pyro Productions