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The Handbook

Yesterday we escaped the cold and left the teaming hordes that surrounded Marble Arch on their way to Winter Wonderland and snuck into Lanes of London for their afternoon tea which has been given a bit of a Christmas makeover.

The perfect setting for spending whiling away an afternoon, Lanes of London is rather as you’d expect a gentleman’s club to be with dark wood, wing back leather chairs, gilded mirrors and low lighting, it’s sumptuous without pretension.

We were presented with the different loose leaf and herbal teas to smell before we made our choice, which I think is a wonderful idea since so often I ended up choosing the same one without branching out in case I choose the wrong one. You can also have the tea with a glass of Moët and Chandon and why wouldn’t you? It is Christmas after all.

The tea starts with a good selection of classic sandwiches  with a few twists including what seemed to be a chocolate bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese, but unfortunately the sandwiches fell short because the bread was so dry, which so often seems to be the way.

We followed this with scones and clotted cream, the scones were rather hit and miss, some were light and crumbly whilst others were a little dry and hard and the jam was rather runny, it was more of a syrup then a conserve. They did however give us a generous helping of clotted cream – there is nothing worse than when they give you a refined portion of clotted cream and there isn’t even enough for half a scone let alone three.

The Christmas twist comes in the form of the cakes; a coffee and mascarpone yule log complete with chocolate axe was wonderfully light and creamy, there was a sweet little ginger bread house and a chocolate and orange opera cake. But the real winners were a Christmas pudding spiced macaroon which was like a cross between a macaroon and a mince pie, I’ve never had anything like it, it was wonderful and warm egg nog with a Christmas spiced foam was as equally delicious.  

So if you find yourself defeated by Winter Wonderland/Oxford Street/ the weather then you know where to head.

The Christmas tea is available until the end of December.