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The Handbook

The Perfect Pair: Cocktails and Dessert

All good things come in two’s: Ben and Jerry’s, Ant and Dec and now cocktails and dessert. Why, no-one has thought of pairing these two things before, we do not know but thanks to Basement Sate in Soho, we will definitely see them together more often. Bought to you by Cathleen McGarry, Basement Sate is the first cocktail and dessert bar in London, providing us Londoners with a place to enjoy exquisite desserts, cocktails and of course late night dancing.

In celebration of this new found marriage, every Tuesday, the bar will hold Cocktail and Dessert Pairing classes. Boyfriends, take note, this is probably up there with one of the best date ideas ever. You can never go wrong with cocktails and pudding and on this evening you get to try both…together. During the evening, guests will be treated to three cocktails and desserts specially paired so as to bring out the best in one another. That one-off date could become a more regular occurrence, with the class being based around a particular theme and spirit, each month.

Or if you are looking to shake things up a little, why not start the week at Basement Sate, where each Monday there will be a special cocktail master class in which guests can revive some forgotten cocktail classics. In the two hour class, you will be taught about the cocktails rich history from Van Zandt 1933 to the Scofflaw from Harry Craddock, delving into the past in a history lesson that will be hard to forget. Oh and did we mention you will get make and try these delights too…

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