The Handbook
The Handbook

Whether you are on Dry January or just want to let your liver know that you can, and do, drink things other than alcohol but aren’t sure what the alternatives are besides the obvious (water, coffee etc) then let us tempt and titillate your tastebuds with these nutritious and (mostly) low calorie alternatives.

Mocktails at The Arch London

You’ve all probably heard about the wonders of coconut water, once a beach time treat, now a regular in supermarket shops, well now there is a new kid on the block offering healthy refreshment direct from Mother Nature. Aloe vera juice is delicious, mineral-rich and can even aid in weight loss. Head over to The Arch London to have this super drink whipped up into a revitalising cocktail, The Virgin Vera, a mix of Fresh Lime, Raspberries, Aloe Vera Water and Guava Juice served over crushed ice.

Low-cal cocktails at Greenwich Tavern

If your diet is coming along nicely but you’ve just learned the truth about the calorie content of your favourite beverage, (a Pina Colada has more calories than a Big Mac!) then have a seat and let us tell you about the low calorie cocktails at Greenwich Tavern. First of the specially crafted drinks is ‘West Berry’, a raspberry and blueberry creation with hints of basil and cranberry, while the second offering is the ‘Fruit TT’ made with Earl Grey tea, rosemary, fresh orange slices and strawberry.

Cordial over cocktails at Spring

While your friends may not be subjecting themselves to Dry January (the boozehounds) that doesn’t mean you want to be the party pooper at the table drinking water and who says you have to? Over at Skye Gyngell’s beautiful new restaurant Spring, you can grab yourself a delicious homemade cordial to contend with, options include the refreshing Granny Smith & Pistachio and Cucumber & Fig Leaf – both a steal at £4 each.

Alcohol free at Caravan

If your hand is feeling lost without a glass of champers attached to it then all is not lost both Caravan venues (King’s Cross and Exmouth Market) have a fabulous range of non-alcoholic cocktails, just as fun as the alcoholic versions – trust us! You can sip on a refreshing elderflower and mint spritzer or chill out with a rooibos and agave iced tea.

Retox at Simmons Fitzrovia

Nab yourself a tasty cocktail whilst replenishing your vitamin c levels at Simmons with their zingy Mirrorball concoction, a mixture of gin, lemon juice, organic agave syrup and soda water. Their Mojito is guilt free, full of fresh and revitalizing ingredients; it’s big on flavor but low on everything else. Watch your waistline with their Cosmopolitan which boasts only 4 ingredients, Vodka, a few drops of Cointreau, a twist of lime and Diet Cranberry Juice.

Clear Conscience Cocktails at Late Night London

Throw caution to the wind with Late Night London’s varied and tempting low calorie cocktail menu, once the creators of the Crème Egg Mojito, they have now changed their ways. By making some simple ingredient swaps and kicking sugar off of the menu in lieu of natural sweeteners, the calories have diminished in the swarms. In the theme of New Year, new you, why don’t you try the Fresh Start, a healthy-ish mix of vodka, passion fruit, lime juice and agave syrup.