Let’s be honest, apart from when you get to go home lunch time is the highlight of the office day. If you’re bored of all the places around your office (you know you need to change when they don’t even ask you what you want but just hand it to you) but you just don’t have time to make your own lunch then we have just the ticket for you: fittatas.  

Just over a year ago, siblings, Butty and Jake created Fittata – The Healthy Frittata Company in their Brixton kitchen; cooking up fittatas (or as they nickname them fitties) as a healthier alternative to the classic Italian frittata.  Rather than being fried they’re baked, they’re gluten free and they’ve never been introduced to a potato; oh and not to mention they are low in fat and high in protein.

Due to their success they’ve now moved to a proper industrial kitchen in Clapham Junction to carry on creating delicious, healthy lunch boxes which they can deliver right to your desk. Each box includes two fittatas and salad; they change the menu each week but the sort of combinations they make include chicken, chestnut mushroom and tarragon and spinach, pea and feta, whilst salads include grated carrot with radicchio, rocket and pumpkin seeds.

They’re simple, super-filling, much better than a sandwich and since they arrive straight to your desk perfect if you’re busy and don’t have time to go out but don’t want to power your way through the day on caffeine and junk.

All you have to do is order by 2pm the day before and they’ll deliver them the next day (for free!) between 9:30 am and 12:45pm so you’ll have it in time for lunch, although when we ordered ours they arrived at 11:30 am, unfortunately we were not disciplined enough to wait until 1pm…

Available for delivery in Zones 1 and 2