The Hangover Cure

By Charlotte Knight |
29th January 2015

For all of you who are doing Dry January there is light at the end of the tunnel just three days to go. We doubt, however, your fresh new liver will be pleased at the inevitable torrent of abuse that is coming its way and we reckon you’re in for one hell of a hangover come Monday morning. The good news is that we have a cure – yes we have discovered the hangover cure and not a bacon roll in sight!

 A fabulous new clinic in Knightsbridge called IV-ME (read God send) is providing a vitamin drip that pumps vital vitamins and minerals into your system that eliminates fatigue, promotes health and wellbeing, improves physical performance, can shake off jet lag and most importantly of all, banish hangovers. While nibbling away at your five-a-day is obviously recommended (wait, isn’t it 7 now?) your body actually only absorbs around 55% of the active ingredients whereas because the IV infusion is being transferred directly into your blood stream you receive 100% of the benefits. There are several different drips available that offer remedies to different ailments, there’s even a SlimBurst option which kicks start your metabolism, because let’s be honest we’ve all fallen off the diet bandwagon.

While this is by no means an invitation to kick your kale completely to the curb, it is a great pick-me-up for when you’ve been abusing your body with busy city life and you need a little R&R.

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