‘All loved up’ Afternoon tea review

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 9th February 2015

The most romantic month of the year has begun, depending on your perspective and relationship status of course, so what better time to launch an ‘All Loved Up’ afternoon tea? Skylounge has created a delicious, creamy offering that celebrates all things heart shaped and love related that will leave even the most-staunch Valentine’s opposer feeling sweet.

The best of the savoury ‘Aphrodisiac sandwiches’ was the Bruschetta and the Parma ham on white baguette thanks to the dreamy garlic butter it came served with. The emphasis here for good food is all on the sweet section though, with dense fudgey ‘He Loves Me Not’ cupcakes and ganache chocolate fingers served with raspberries.

A fresh, zingy raspberry mousse fills a plastic heart, perfect for sharing with your lover…or mum – there’s no judgement on your plus one here. One of the best desserts was the ‘Love is in the Air’ berry trifle; a raspberry jelly with fresh berries and sponge topped with vanilla cream custard and fresh, thick cream – simple but effective.

In-keeping with the luuurve factor a special 50 Shades of Greythemed cocktail accompanies the tea which is a sweet peach and passionfruit drink served with rum and 2 chillies to give it that spicy kick. For those who recoil at the site of anything spicy, this cocktail has been expertly prepared so it is literally just a tang on your tongue of fire before the sweet overpowers it making for a delicious drink.

The whole afternoon tea experience was a delight from the amazing view of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London to the aesthetically pleasing and most importantly damn delicious cakes. So whether you’re loved up or flying the flag for solos, this afternoon tea welcomes one and all and certainly won’t make you feel sick no matter how much you’re dreading the 14th Feb.

The “All Loved Up” Afternoon Tea costs £30 per person and is available throughout February at Skylounge.


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