Bunnychow Review

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 26th February 2015
Bunnychow Review

You can never have too many carbs in a meal, forget those little food charts that say you only need x amount of anything starchy, they’re just holding you back. Bunnychow understands this and has banished plates in lieu of something far superior; a bread bowl.

In case you didn’t know bunny chow is a South African dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry. The self-titled restaurant which popped up last year in Wardour Street has recently had a menu change and we popped down to check it out.

Firstly you pick your bread type, white, brown or brioche (we were advised the latter works exceptionally well with the Full English breakfast bunny) and then choose your filling. There are currently 5 filling options with one vegetarian option, the aptly named Veggie Bunny, which is a mix of cauliflower, chickpea, potato and a spicy Durban sauce – incidentally, not that spicy. The bunny chow originated in the Durban Indian community so the menu stays true to origins with the options like Durban Bunny; slow cooked mutton curry, raita and mango chutney. The fillings themselves are great but the bread soaks up all the moisture of which there is not much so a slight tweak of making the fillings wetter would have greatly improved the experience.

The concept is cute and there’s a definite fun factor in ripping the bread as you work your way through the curry filling but if you are a perfectionist like me and work your way down evenly, you’ll be disappointed when you get to the bottom and are left with a plain, disc of loaf and nothing to eat it with. That being said the bunnies only cost a fiver and Bunnychow also serve delicious drinks, namely North Beach (coco cream, coco water, banana, lime and lemon) which makes you feel like you’re on a beach and can be spiked with rum at the guests behest. Taking all of this into consideration I’d definitely recommend Bunnychow for a visit, especially while it’s cold and you can pretend you need the extra calories as an excuse to eat a bowl of bread.


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