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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 27th February 2015

I have to confess something, up until last night I had never eaten Greek food. There it is. My cuisine shame. I’m not sure how I managed to avoid it, it wasn’t on purpose but after my dalliance with OPSO last night this is all going to change. OPSO is a restaurant that serves Greek-inspired dishes with what seemed to be a fondness for cheese dishes which has my full support.

This was a tricky review, tricky for my stomach because it selfishly wouldn’t keep expanding as I gorged on all the delicious dishes. The menu is akin to tapas with small sharing dishes and everything I tried, I liked. One of my favourites was the mega simple starter of Sesame-covered ‘koulouri’ milk bread with goat’s curd and sea salt. Goat’s curd uses the fat on top of goat’s milk to make a cheesy buttery spread which you can gleefully smear over the mini bagels and a pinch of salt awakens the taste buds – so simple but effective.

For mains we ordered the Briam of vegetables with galomizithra cheese which is a tad like ratatouille minus the tomato sauce. The Fried Smoked Metsovone Cheese served with homemade rhubarb jam appeared to be a popular dish as I spied several on the tables surrounding us. The cheese comes in fried breadcrumbs and is nice on its own but the sweet jam completes it. Another dish I couldn’t stay away from was the simplest of the menu items; the Creamy Mash Potato Puree. Exactly what you might expect but more creamy and buttery, and quite possibly addictive.

The desserts were also delicious but at this point we are struggling considerably as everything tastes amazing but the food is very rich. I had the Greek doughnuts with syrup and kaimaki ice cream which I had never heard of. I watched the (charming and helpful) waiter try to explain what it tasted like and now I will try and explain it to you. Unique but nice in a nutshell. It’s been a long time since I tried something that was 100% new and I have nothing that I can compare it to. To give you an idea it is perfumed with mastiha, a spice that comes from the resin of a specific tree but in no way resembles maple syrup. It’s nice though and if you are in the area I would recommend it and please do let me know if you can think of a better way to describe it!

Drinks add to the calorie intake which get left at the wayside in lieu of the food but if you can fit it in ask for their signature cocktail, Paddington Street; a mixture of Vodka, passionfruit, ginger and vanilla syrup. Several eating breaks were taken throughout the evening and I left the restaurant with a satisfied waddle, sure to have done the Greeks proud.


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