Original Sin in Stokey

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India Dowley by | Posted on 18th February 2015

Original Sin. That happened because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, resulting in the rest of us being born sinful and with an innate urge to do very.bad.things. Cheers for that guys.

Seeing as we’re doomed anyway, we thought we might as well go for cocktails on a week night (wild, we know) so to Stoke Newington we went, to pay a visit to Happiness Forgets’ younger, naughtier sister, Original Sin.

To East London’s underbelly we descended, emerging blinking in a sleek, wood-panelled lounge bar with low lighting, cosy booths and secret doors. But enough about the décor already.

The cocktails are the main event and strong enough to cause the fall of even the most virtuous of angels. With an imaginative take on classic drinks such as the 12 ball, an Aperol Spritz but with BNJ scotch, Aperol, Amontillado sherry and sparkling wine or the 8 Ball, a rum and coke spruced up with Rhum Orange, Amer Picon and Villa Zari coffee alongside an extensive selection of cocktails (many whisky-based) with unusual ingredients, such as chinato and suze. The Mr Sandman – Remy Marrtin, Allspice, lemon, maple syrup, ginger, egg yolk – was particularly delicious but avoid Sea City (Mezcal, Cachaca, lemon, Agave, salt, mint and soda) unless you’re feeling brave; it has a very, shall we say unique taste, which we couldn’t agree on.

Maybe Adam and Eve had the right idea after all, Original Sinning is kinda fun…


Photograph courtesy of Addie Chinn

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