To Market, To Market (but SLOW-ly)

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India Dowley by | Posted on 20th February 2015
To Market, To Market (but SLOW-ly)

If you’ll do anything to avoid the beep beep beep of the post-work supermarket rush (preferring to rootle around in the depths of your kitchen cupboard for tins which have been there since c.1996 and give yourself borderline scurvy), then this one is for you.

From 1st March, Rosewood London will be holding a weekly ‘Slow Food & Living Market’ in the hotel’s grand courtyard. S.L.O.W. (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome) will not only sell exceptional quality produce but aims to revive traditional marketplace culture by encouraging the re-establishment of relationships between us urbanite consumers and our rural counterparts.

Newly appointed Executive Chef Amandine Chaignot is passionate about the Slow movement – regional, fresh, in-season produce which has been responsibly grown, thoughtfully harvested and solicitous of people and the planet – and is busy incorporating it into the menu at Rosewood. Fortunately for us, she’s also determined to make it easier for busy Londoners to eat well. So now, every Sunday in Holborn you can buy fish that is wild and responsibly caught, meat which is pasture-raised and dairy products free of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics. What more could you want?

Best of all, you can now (truthfully) say ‘It’s slow organic daaahling!’

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