Fresh Italian food straight to your door

By Charlotte Knight |
4th March 2015

Over at The Handbook we like to write about the best restaurants and bars and generally the best places to eat in the city but then sometimes its winter, and when the icy winds strike staying at home can become a tempting option. But when hunger comes knocking, keep it at bay with the online Italian food delivery service, aims at servicing an extensive selection of fresh, authentic and seasonal Italian deli products which won’t break the bank. The website is based in London and delivers tempting items like ham, breads, salami, wine and cheese straight to your door (including work for when you want a cheeky vino lunch).

Everything on the website is Italian and everyone at has a somewhat link to Italy – the service stops short of having a hunky Italian deliver it to you personally though. also appeals to the expat Italian community by providing a large range of “nostalgic” brands, such as De Cecco, Barilla and Mulino Bianco that you won’t find in supermarkets.

The website covers a variety of products from fresh fruit and veg to biscuits and liqueurs but’s core product is the Buffalo Mozzarella which they fly out twice a week from Campania and deliver it the same-day to everywhere in London and next-day outside the London metropolitan area. Add it to salads or pizza or for cheese fiends, just straight out of the packet but maybe not at your desk.

So do your body a favour and give it a blast of Mediterranean cuisine direct from Italian shores (known for being one of the healthiest diets) as it’s probably the nearest you’ll be getting to The Boot this month.

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