The Handbook
The Handbook

My Mother always told me not to play with fire. But then again maybe she hadn’t heard of the new Sticky Fingers#PlayWithFire.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-5pm former Rolling Stones member Bill Wymans Sticky Fingers restaurant has introduced two new menu items that will relight your fire and get you ready for another night on town.

Behold hot item number one: Stickys Benedict Burger – 6oz beef patty loaded with mushrooms, bacon and a poached egg finished with Hollandaise sauce. And don’t forget the skinny fries! That’s right folks, you heard it here first.

Behold hot item number two: Mary. No, not Virgin Mary – Bloody Mary. Sticky Fingers Bloody Mary will kickstart your recovery like you wouldn’t believe. It is a combination of Stoli Hot – a Jalapeño flavoured premium vodka – with pickle juice, chipotle Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, salt & pepper and of course, tomato juice. £5 a pop ladies and gents and much tastier than an aspirin.

Hot item number three will be you so get down to Sticky Fingers from Saturday 4th April 2015 and we’ve got a triple threat.

We almost cant wait to be hungover. We’re not even sorry.