Greyhound on the Test Restaurant Review

By Charlotte Knight |
17th March 2015

Head chef at the Greyhound on the Test, Alan Haughie, learned his craft as an apprentice under Anton Edelman at the Savoy from 2002-2004 and went on to continue working with him at the Brasserie St Quentin, by Harrods on Brompton Road. After a brief stint abroad he returned to London before finding his calling in Stockbridge, serving great British food from locally produced sources.

We happily settled into the cosy and romantically lit restaurant in the Greyhound on the Test, enjoying the rustic surroundings before getting on with ordering our food. The starter of Gazpacho, a dish purposefully served cold, always leave me curious as to the wonders of having it sans heat. Although the flavours tasted fresh, a few minutes in the microwave would have improved this dish for me. On the other hand the light and flavourful Smoked Carpaccio of Broughton buffalo with celeriac remoulade made for great starter.

The Rib eye steak was a real winner being cooked to near perfection and accompanied by a chicken stock with lemon and herb sauce. The sauce was served in a small jug so that it could be poured at ones whim over the steak and chips, and we did so gleefully. The Polenta croquettes came two a piece on a bed of spicy lentils and mixed salad, although the spicy lentils were actually not so spicy which I actually preferred but someone expecting a bit more of a snap would be disappointed.

The puddings here include classic dishes like sorbets, a cheeseboard and Vanilla rice pudding. We opted for the Panna cotta served with fresh mixed berries, which tasted as light, fresh and creamy as you could hope for. The Chocolate fondant also didn’t disappoint providing that classic moment of satisfaction when you cut into it and the chocolate goodness inside pours out.

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