Many celebrities consider charity work to be essential to their personal brand. Commentators have gone as far to suggest that they are in it for purely selfish interests. The press coverage Angelina Jolie receives for visiting third world countries is extremely beneficial to her profile. That’s not to say charities don’t reap the rewards either – financially and otherwise. Numerous charities manage to generate huge publicity and much needed funds through the support of celebrity involvement, often taking the charity to a whole new level, and providing support that they would otherwise not have benefited from.

Here are some of our tips for getting a celebrity involved with and supporting your charity:

1. Speak to the right person. It can be difficult to find out who a celebrities’ agent is on the internet, information like this is not freely available. We make this a lot easier for you, you can view our list of celebrity details here. Make sure you contact their publicist , manager or their agent.

2. Make a good case. When you speak to the agent be clear and concise, avoid rambling and let your passion shine through! The publicist or manager may not have heard of your charity before, especially if it is a smaller one, so explain from the start. Make notes before you speak to them and make sure your follow-up email contains no errors. Have a plan, make sure you know the reasons why you think a certain celebrity can help with the charity and why that celebrity is possibly a suitable ambassador, and also how it will benefit the celebrity . Celebrities are very careful to do anything that could jeopardise their position or career so make sure you give a list of good valid reasons and that you also have done your research on the celebrity, you also don’t want to choose a celebrity that could negatively impact on your charity. 

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3. Choose the right celebrity for your charity . Choosing the wrong celebrity can be very detrimental to your brand, choose a celebrity that is likely to have a personal interest in supporting your charity, and also reflects a charities values. For a full rooster of celebrities that could support your charity click here

There are also a number of different types of celebrities from models, to film stars, sports stars, reality TV stars and more, so reach out to a range of people, from A-listers to B-listers to even hometown heroes who can really evangelize your cause. Often alot of people and charities will attempt to pitch to the obvious celebrities why are heavily involved with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie , AdeleLeonardo DiCaprio or Lady Gaga. You will most probably find that you have more luck with celebrities that are less obvious and perhaps even up and coming, as they will have been approached less about celebrity involvement, and it will also give them benefits in terms of raising their profile, they may also be more available and flexible to help, and have more time to deal with the enquiry as they are less well know within the industry. Therefore try a range of different celebrities, of different talents, interests, looks and levels of fame. Never discount any celebrity that is trying to help you that you think can add value


3. The Pitch

4. Go online. Don’t be afraid to engage your chosen celebrity on social media. The manager or agent may not have the same interests as the celebrity and so may be less likely to pass on the information. Try and find someone who you may have in common and tag them in the message. This can work particularly well for for reality show stars such as the ‘Made in Chelsea’ cast – such as Ollie Locke.

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5. Keep your options open! Make a list of three or four celebrities that you would consider incase your first option isn’t available. Additionally, don’t be afraid to make a back up – especially if you are a small charity. Celebrities get invited everywhere and may pull out at any moment. Take it far… but not too far! You don’t want to double book anyone.


6. Do your research 

This is certainly a tip which seems really obvious , but you would be surprised how many people follow it. “Do your Research” means think very carefully about the celebrity that you wish to get involved with your cause and whether they are actually likely to support your cause. For example if you have a charity that supports malaria, look out for any celebrities travelling to Africa that you could approach about issues that relate to malaria.

One of the most effective way to get in touch with celebrities is to either ring the celebrities agent , publicist of manager or to email them. When doing this you need to have a clear idea of the goals of your charity and why the specific celebrity should support your charity and why they are a suitable ambassador for your charity. If you get a negative response from the celebrity representative then you could always ask them if they have another specific celebrity on their books that maybe interested in supporting your charity.

Of course a useful tip is to check which celebrities are around the city! You can do that here!

For a full roster of any celebrities full contact details, please click here or to sign up and get full contact details of any celebrities agent, manager and publicist please click here!