The Handbook
The Handbook

If you indulge in some idle people watching you will no doubt notice that wherever you see a woman she will be hand in strap with the ultimate accessory; a handbag. Containing anything from necessities like money and a phone to concealing long lost beauty products we didn’t know still existed, is that a Lipsmackers I spy? And with all that rushing around basically living your life with you, it’s no wonder that it can start looking a bit worse for wear and in need of some TLC. You need pampering and so does your trusty shoulder companion.

Step forward, The Handbag Clinic. The first of its kind, the clinic is launching as a permanent fixture on the King’s Road this month. With a whole host of celebrity fans already singing the praises of its online service, this is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for.

Instead of forlornly ditching your lifelong leather love when it starts to sag (never a good look) you can now check it in to the Chelsea clinic ASAP and it will emerge looking good as new. Think of it as a spa day, but for your handbag. Whether it’s fixing zips or stitching seams, mending straps or getting rid of that weird sticky stuff that’s collected at the bottom, don’t be embarrassed; the doctors have seen it all before. And if you’re after a new look, they can transform your arm candy with a complete colour change.

Not only does it mean you won’t have to part with your prized possession (we all know how hard it is to find The Perfect Bag), it’s also eco-friendly.

The only downside is you’ll now have to think of a new excuse if you want to splash out on a new one…