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The Handbook

So we may have lost the chance of the Grand Slam, but we could still win the Six Nations (just lots of positive thinking and points should do it) and hey we won the Calcutta Cup so there is at least that. All will be decided this weekend when we take on France.

 And with their (and our) love of wine what better way to start the afternoon off than with wine tasting? Leave the hordes around the stadium to their pints and join Quintessentially Wine for something a little more refined. They’ve hired the house opposite the stadium and will be hosting pre-match wine tasting with cheese.

 The afternoon starts at 2pm where Matthew Jukes will be joined by rugby champion, Mark Regan who was part of the 2003 winning World Cup team , to talk you through each wine and the matching cheese. Starting with Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs, arguably the best English sparkling wine. Moving on there will be wines from each of France’s greatest wine regions and includes Etienne Sauzet, Pontet Canet and Grand Veneur before the group heads over to the stadium to see England take victory. Well we hope.

 Afterwards you can head back for the house for tea and coffee – or if you’re like us then more wine to commiserate or celebrate

For tickets click here or call one of the wine team on 0203 073 6652.