Basement Sate

By Jane Semple |
23rd April 2015

Sometimes you get bars that try to be cool and sometimes you get bars that just are cool. Basement Sate definitely belongs to the latter.

Their new chef Kelly Nadiarian has recently launched a unique menu which includes cocktails such as Turtle Avenue (dark & white rum, spiced pineapple syrup, coconut water) and Thunder Cloud (tequila, aperol, blueberry vinegar, lemonade). The winner of the trio definitely has to be the Jessica Rabbit (gin, golden syrup, elderflower, carrot juice). An original and playful combination –  which is commendable but the fact that this cocktail tastes as good as it sounds made slurping on it even better. The only problem was that it ran out too soon.

When I order food at a cocktail bar, especially at 8:00pm on Friday night I expect it to be mediocre at best, but Basement Sate surpassed all my expectations.

I had a hard time choosing a dessert, the choice included Break an Egg (lime & passion fruit curd, coconut mousse & crumble, passion fruit jelly, coconut shave) and Purple Rain (blackcurrant & yoghurt mousse macaroon and  meringue). I needed a hit of the dark stuff that night so went for the Kinder Surprise (brownie, milk chocolate & tonka whipped cream, caramelized hazelnuts, praline foam, caramelia pearls). Eating this dessert was like finding a treasure chest with all your dreams in it (no exaggeration). I often dream of carmelia pearls and what not.

The foie Gras with fig compote was also delicious but the cocktails and dessert definitely hit the spot more..

Basement Sate is definitely a good place to go for a casual, intimate night although I would like to come back sometime when the party really kicks of. I am yet to experience a better bar in Soho.

Basement Sate will continue to offer their special drinks and dessert pairing menu on on Tuesdays, which consists of 3 desserts and 3 cocktails for £36. Kelly will now also be offering afternoon Pastry lessons to groups of up to 5 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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