Country In The Clouds With Sky Garden

Country In The Clouds With Sky Garden

Every morning we have a not so wonderful commute to our very wonderful office. The thundering train and pushy people pre 9:00am do nothing to help our morning moods. It is times like this we close our eyes and wish we were basking in the cool breeze of the English country side….

And now we can! (Well nearly).

Sky pod have transformed their Sky Garden and brought the English countryside to you.

Courtesy of catering company, Rhubarb, Sky Pod has stepped into summer complete with sunshine-yellow daffodils, plush green faux lawns, rainbow-coloured vintage bicycles and pops of lime and lemon.

And with a new season surely we’ll need new drinks? Rhubarb have cottoned onto this and have designed a refreshing new cocktails menu with a collection of slurpy sips to savour such as Rooibos Tea Party (Bloom Gin, DOM Bénédictine, rooibos tea, lime juice, orange zest) and Pink Is The Question (Cîroc Vodka, green apple liqueur, fresh blueberries, lime juice). 

We never want it to be winter again!

Furthurmore Sky High sessions will quite literally take you to the clouds above on Friday, 17th April with live band and DJ nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights featuring some of the hottest new summer songs from sunset until late night.

On the other the country side is great and everything but we might just stick to Sky High Gardens…not because of the cocktails or anything.

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