Kooky Cocktails at Eaton Square

By Eamonn Crowe |
22nd April 2015

Regular readers of The Handbook will be more than aware of our profound love of cocktails. So you can imagine our utter delight when we heard about the new range of cocktails being offered up by Eaton Square Bar, thanks to their new bar manager, Alin Tur.

Whilst Alin might look like perfectly normal, his menu of cocktails might leave you wondering if he’s a mad scientist, rather than a bar manager. We’re not sure if he’s been hanging out with Heston Blumenthal lately, but his new range of cocktails is far from ordinary. The craziness starts with the vast and quite frankly bizarre, array of ingredients that goes into these tantalising tipples. Some examples include handmade walnut bitters using orange peel and nutmeg, (normal  enough) Spanish-olive-infused-vodka (sorry?) and vodka infused with bee pollen (surely not?)

However, the innovation doesn’t stop there, as we haven’t even got to the cocktails yet. These alcoholic delights include his modern take on the classic First Century Negroni, which is smoked in a bell jar with lavender to add a floral sweetness. Alin’s Industrial Revolution concoction has an interesting history, as it is inspired by the legendary ‘grog’ – a mixture of leftover beer, rum and lime juice that pirates used to drink (seriously strong stuff!).

Taking inspiration from literally everywhere, this new range of cocktails looks set to appeal to everyone’s taste buds, so if you’re feeling exotic, why not take the plunge with a pirate themed cocktail? Just make sure that you can still walk the plank in a straight line afterwards.


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