The Handbook
The Handbook

Poppin champagne – we’re at it again….

From the 5th of May, for ten days only, Dom Pérignon are opening it’s doors and are inviting guests to their ‘Les 3 Étages’ at……

Well actually we don’t know where they’re at because it’s a secret! The best kept secret in London we’d say. All we know is that Les 3 Étages’ will be set over three distinctive floors, each floor features a different level of champagne maturity called the ‘Plénitudes’. We’re glad someone is being mature around here because after three floors up we think we’ll be giggling our way back down.

Dom Perignon is vintage only and each floor of the ‘Plénitudes’ will take you through P1, P2 and P3. The 2005 Vintage kicks the show of on ‘P1’. ‘P2’ will be represented by a 1998 Vintage on the second floor. On the third floor, ‘P3’, the rarest 1982 and 1971 Vintages will be showcased as the final and most mature Plénitude.

Skye Gyngell, founder of  Spring Restaurant and former head chef of Petersham Nurseries, is in charge of hosting a series of parties paired with the three distinct Vintages. The pairing will reflect Skye’s much loved style with light summer dishes and locally sourced ingredients.

We’re willing to let our heads float away with the bubbles in the Skye.