Like any good restaurant Poppies Fish & Chip Shop has been around for a while and owner, Pat ‘Pop’ Newland, began young working in the much loved chippy in the East End. He started from the bottom cutting newspaper to wrap the portions as they were dished out.

And now he’s here……

Poppies Fish & Chips are opening their new kiosk at the historic Old Spitalfields Market today.

Pop Newland offers it all, from the traditional choice of fresh cod and battered sausages, to jellied eels. And not forgetting the edible, inked newspaper your meal comes in. Of course none of this would be complete without washing down this seafood delight with a glass of their bottled wine or beer.

Pop likes to keep it simple and has been caught telling regulars, “We’ve always just tried to make great food.” Their success has derived from choosing freshly sourcing ingredients and sticking to what they know. The fish is sourced at nearby Billingsgate from Joe Bush, the third generation fishmonger and an old friend of Pop’s. It is then filleted and prepared on site by Poppies Fishmonger – Sully. Sully has been about for a while. There’s no one who can fillet a fish quite as well as Sully.

So there you have it folks. We’ve already had lunch but we’re hungry again. If this menu doesn’t make you say – Oh. My. Cod. Then I don’t know what will.

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