The Election Terrace: Political Cocktails

By Emily Gray |
7th April 2015

A month today and we’ll all be taking to the polls to cast our votes and decide the next government.  If you haven’t chosen who you want to vote for yet then M Restaurant have a new way to decide – through cocktails. Well ok, so it might not actually tell you anything about politics, you might actually have to read the manifestos for that, but at least we can all agree that we like cocktails.

Today, (luckily with the sun shining) they are opening their Election Terrace on Threadneedle Street which is inspired by the Palace of Westminster’s Black Rod’s Garden and Terrace Pavilion. The 60 cover terrace will be serving up three special cocktails inspired by the three major parties.

The sensitive and yet masculine Cameron Cooler, a gin based basket of botanicals and flowers, with a nod to the Scotch. The Clegg Passion asensibly priced rum-based cocktail, which embraces European Ingredients and boasts a spicy eccentric twist. Finally there will be the Miliband Muddle; a Union approved cocktail of tequila, pomegranate and melon, with a large dash of rhubarb bitters. Each day the M Swingometer and tricolour of blue, yellow and red blankets or cushions will indicate which has been the most popular cocktail of the day. 

Who knows maybe the most popular cocktail is a sign of things to come?

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