The Handbook
The Handbook

25. That quarter life crisis stage. Some of us are still getting drunk and throwing eggs at people on a Saturday night and some of us are settling down, getting married and having cherubs/gremlins. It’s all about perspective on the last one. 

If you belong to the getting married party then Banqueting House have all your quarter life crisis kinks sorted. Only the best of London’s top suppliers are showcasing the goods for your big day. You know that one? Where there’s no turning back? 

A pop-up bridal boutique from Sassi Holford and Blow Ltd will be there to qualm all your fashion woes and Disney princess your hair to perfection. Cocktails and canapés will be supplied by Blue Strawberry.

Entertainment you say? No fear! They’ve got that sorted too, a string quartet will be on show and for those looking for something with a bit of an edge there will be a card shark. 

For some sniff worthy floral arrangements Pinstripes and Peonies will be presenting future lovers with the best of their bunches.

There will also be people there to assist with your every need on cakes and lots more.

Soooo much wedding stuff, sooooo little time! Not that we would know. 

We’re surprised they haven’t got a stall for finding a husband/wife….you never know you might go along and find a new one of those. It’s never too late too swap.