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BunBunBun Review

By | 21st May 2015

What: Vietnamese Food
Where: Hoxton
Why you should go there: For an authentic Vietnamese experience
Favourite thing we had: The salt and chilli soft shell crab

When you repeat Bunbunbun in your head after so many times it starts to sound like a very catchy theme tune. BunBunBunBunBunBunBunBunBunBunBun. Yes? No…?

Anyway, when I walked in the door the restaurant  was bright and cheery. The waiting staff all had smiles on their faces which was instantly infectious. They were the happiest people I had ever met on a Tuesday afternoon!

The salt and chilli soft crab shell crab was perfectly seasoned. It was delicious and probably the best crab I’d had at a Vietnamese restaurant. But then I spied the eating out enemy. The crab appeared to be garnished with lettuce which was slightly brown around the edges. Noooooo. I just don’t understand why restaurants do this. It’s like when you see a fabulously dressed man and realise he still has the labels stuck on the bottom of his shoes – impossible not to notice. Bad.

Anyway apart from that one irk the dish was a solid 9/10.

The grilled lemongrass chicken tasted vaguely like the first dish but when I did get a glimpse of the lemon grassy goodness it was delicious. Mmm lemony. I think the moral of the story here is when life presents you with lemongrass, go hard on the lemongrass – double measures all around! There were a lot of onions in this one. I wouldn’t be kissing anyone tonight or tomorrow for that matter. At least the onions were cooked well. Thank goodness they knew how to cook their vegetables.

The dessert was great, it was two scoops of green tea ice cream and two pieces of chocolate ganache. Plain, simple and it hits the spot on, on, on. Is that getting annoying yet?

BunBunBun was so good that if it were a movie it would be Topgun…Topbun.

Can I have some more more more more?

Ha. Ha. Ha.