The Handbook
The Handbook

What: Pan-Asian food from dim sum to sushi to Thai curry

Where: The Stables Market, Camden Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH

Why You Should Go There: The epic décor, especially if you enjoy being guarded by 2 wooden dragon/lion hybrids that supervise the main dining area (which I do).

Favourite Thing We Ate: Mock duck salad served with watermelon, cashews and mint. Hard to tell from the real thing, the sauce is reminiscent of hoisin sauce so the watermelon is a refreshing welcome to cut through the sticky texture.

Gilgamesh Belle Epoque Champagne Bar Image 2

Gilgamesh is a solid restaurant, the food is good, the drinks are good and it looks impressive with big wooden features and Babylonian carvings everywhere you look so you can pretty much bet that anything you order will be a safe choice, although the Passion Fruit Crème Brulee dessert I had wasn’t to my taste. The staffing team flutter around efficiently while bouncers equipped with ear pieces keep an eye on everything in the large venue which boasts a bar, 300 cover main dining area, private chef’s table, champagne bar and private event space. Gilgamesh Image

You can take anyone here for a good time as it’s suitable for anything from a work event, family occasion or even a booty call; the majority of diners were dates filling the 2 people tables (not to assume these were booty calls though). If you’re looking for something more adult, head to the bar for a great selection of cocktails like Ancient Kiwi or a more unique flavour combo from Apple & Fig. Soak it up with the Royal Chilean Seabass which is baked in a hoba leaf and marinated in tamarind and miso giving it a fantastic sweet glaze.

gilgameshbar.comGilgamesh Image 2