The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 12th May 2015

What: Food trying to be good
Where:57-59 Old Compton Street, Soho
Why You Should Go There: If you have no where else to go
Favourite Thing We Ate: The crème brûlée


House of Ho. Where do I begin? How about by stating that the food here had more issues than Playboy.

I think it’s appropriate to judge a restaurant by every stage of the game. That is why when I got the House of Ho invitation through email I thought this place was going to be fun. After all I’d never been to a Ho House before. It was bold, it was red and I was ready for it.

But when I got there it was a different story. The place was dark, dank and a bit lack lustre. But, you know, I could get over that if I had to. 


I’ll start with the fresh summer rolls – not sure what this was to be honest. Still not sure after tasting it. If that wouldn’t make you avoid it then I don’t know what wouldn’t. We all got caught out during the horse meat scandal. Let’s face it folks, we all thought we were eating cow and none of us knew the difference. I wasn’t being caught out again. I mean how did I know it was summer roll, how did I not know that I was really being served an autumn roll? God forbid, no one wants that. What even is a summer roll? Anyway I’m sure other people probably enjoyed it.

I braced myself before the smoked aubergine and tasted it- the flavour was nice but I was full up from the rest.

The 7 spice marinated squid was a bit tough but admittedly the best main course of them all. There was a problem tho, where were the seven spices? They should’ve scraped the 7 spice plan and sprinkled a bit of plain old chinese 5 spice over it.


The morning glory was well cooked but lacked flavour and the rice was nice. The chicken salad had a weird taste. I doubt I would’ve eaten it at 4:00am on a Saturday night, but then again who knows. I did pick a bit at it. But it mostly went back untouched. 

The creme brulee was the best out of everything I’d tasted and I was glad my companion didn’t like creme brûlée because I got to eat hers too! I was glad it tasted decent because I was still hungry at the end.

A few stragglers came in but the place was mostly empty and it came no where close to the lively atmosphere that the website depicts. We knew where the roll was (that summer thing) still on my plate where it would not be moving from. But where was the rock?