Ice Cream Healthier Than An Apple

By Emily Gray |
22nd May 2015

Summer is around the corner which means we can up our consumption of ice cream to the next level, (wahey!) however we all know the horrors of refined sugar and processed foods; well we have good news for anyone about to fall off the wagon in the form of Oppo ice cream, a new brand of luxury ice cream where the mini pots have less calories than an apple.

Ice cream that is healthier that fruit, the unthinkable has been done! The concept comes from brothers, Charlie and Harry Thuillier, who can boast of winning the most innovative product of 2014, plus becoming the fastest ever food/drink start-up globally to reach target through crowdfunding.

The ice cream gets its healthy tag by pushing out the cream and cane sugar typically found in normal ice cream and replacing it with organic coconut oil, stevia and fresh milk. The flavours come in Salted Caramel, Mint Choc Swirl and Madagascan Vanilla and we PROMISE you that they taste equal to, if not better than full fat ice cream. Each flavour is boosted with a unique superfood like lucuma, spirulina and baobab, and contains only natural ingredients, so you can gorge until your heart’s content.

 So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your regular date (Ben and Jerry) and get stuck into Oppo.

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